About Us


9-1-PLUMB Inc.


1) HONESTY & INTEGRITY - We promise to provide honest and ethical services to our clients at all times.

2) CUSTOMER SERVICE - We promise to strive towards becoming our customers best service provider, no matter the task.

3) QUALITY WORKMANSHIP - We promise to provide quality parts and skilled tradespeople to deliver services, even within our sub trades.

4) POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT -  We promise to focus on positivity when engaging with our cliental and coworkers.

5) HAVING FUN - We promise to enjoy our work, and to show that we are doing so in how we interact with others.


Casey landed in the trades by accident. After attending his first year of business school at Mount Royal University, he took a summer job as a plumber's helper. During an 8-hour shift of being suspended 40 feet in the air on a "Zoom Boom", while fixing drainage pipe and getting dirty along the way, he realized that a desk job was simply not for him. He knew he needed to be working with his hands. Soon after that realization occurred, Casey became indentured as a apprentice Plumber/Gasfitter, and the rest is history.

Casey has been plumbing for 10 years, and has had a wide range of experiences along the way. However, Residential Service gives him an opportunity to blend his desire to work with people, with his love for the trade.


Ever had any issues with a ridiculous bill you did not expect at the end of a job? We eliminate that issue and address it up-front. Upon a brief conversation with each client, the technician will give a variety of options which will accommodate the needs of the household. After making a selection of which option they prefer, our skilled technician will be ready to go to work for you!

How simple is that?


Being a consumer ourselves, we understand the expectations of our cliental. This includes being punctual and having work completed to highest industry standards and in a timely fashion. Honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance to our company, as per our core values listed above.


During a typical day, we do not even think about the luxuries of having proper climate control throughout our homes and hot water streaming from our taps and showerheads. Our mechanical rooms are out-of-sight and out-of-mind as they quietly do their job. However, when our equipment is not functioning properly, we are quick to notice the inconvenience associated with taking cold showers and wearing our winter parkas around the house.  Ask how we can help avoid problems from arising!

9-1-PLUMB technicians are simply a phone call away in your time of need. Allow us to live up to our motto:

 A quick response when you need  it most! 


Call 403-9-1-PLUMB (or 403-917-5862) to be directly connected to a technician who will help you get your home back to normal.